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    High-performance automotive interior fabrics.

    You won't find any "one-size-fits-all" fabrics here. Every OEM need is unique, so we design,
    color and finish our seats, headliners, door panels and consoles accordingly to match
    each vehicle's consumer. We meet a variety of design needs, consumer needs and
    trimmability needs. It's why our products are just as successful in the Honda
    Accord as they are in the Kia Sorento.
  • Own Factory
    Professional Manufacture
    Low Thermal Conductivity
    Easily installed and serviced
    Beautiful, efficient, and Environmental protection
    Fireproof, waterproof heat preservation
    OEM, customers design is acceptable
    iMac Responsive
    iPad Responsive
    iPhone Responsive

We design and develop the best products for customers!

Who We Are?

Powerstar Automotive Interiors

Powerstar Automotive Interiors develops and manufactures innovative automotive bodycloth and headliners preferred by automotive manufacturers around the world. We have established a reputation for being on the cutting edge of design and engineering, with technical capabilities supported by world-class manufacturing. With Powerstar Automotive Interiors, you'll get the same quality products, experienced people, outstanding service and technological know-how you'd expect, plus a new outlook, new options and a fresh commitment to being a truly global organization, servicing customers in every hemisphere and every time zone.

Why Chose Us?

Future-focused design.

Equal parts psychology and technology, our design group's foresight process focuses on developing a deep understanding of consumers, products, markets and the trends that drive consumer behavior. We're looking for long-lasting movements, not just the latest fad. Our design research team takes a big-picture look at the world to help understand issues important in the marketplace, and we constantly look toward the future in the exploration of new concepts for materials and technology.

From trend research and analysis to advanced technology development to specific production design and aesthetics, our focus is creating the most desirable solutions for our customers. Our design teams are strategically placed all over the world, so we truly offer a global perspective on cultural currents.

At all times, we're searching for new and innovative processes to meet the specifications of the manufacturers and the desires of the consumer. We're on a constant quest to provide the most technologically advanced, aesthetically pleasing automotive interior cloth at the lowest cost, with the shortest lead times.

Experience you can trust.

Powerstar Automotive Interiors is no flash-in-the-pan newcomer to the automotive textile business. we developed a reputation for cutting-edge innovation, world-class manufacturing, forward-looking design and outstanding customer service and support-all assets we bring with us as we move forward as Powerstar Automotive Interiors. We are an independent, financially sound organization, backed by local investors.

Building upon our long heritage of outstanding service and innovation, we place integrity, honesty, responsiveness, professionalism, entrepreneurism and deep respect for customers, suppliers and associates at the core of our business. Our management team operates under the leadership of executives with many combined years of experience in the automotive industry, and our workforce of nearly 1,000 strong brings a wealth of knowledge of the automotive textile business. So when you work with Powerstar Automotive Interiors, you get the perfect mix of experience combined with a fresh, bold take on the new phase of innovation in automotive textiles.

Innovative solutions.

Powerstar Automotive Interiors develops innovative automotive interior solutions of unmatched quality, laser-focused on top-of-the-line design and engineering. Our energy and expertise are focused entirely on producing incredibly advanced automotive fabric and providing excellent value to our customers.

Our Commitment

We've developed a deep understanding of consumers around the world, giving us a clear view of the global marketplace. No matter where our customers are located, we're able to respond to their needs. Our commitment to consumer research, cutting-edge engineering, seamless global integration and passion for excellence in design makes us the go-to problem-solver for the worldwide automotive industry's leading manufacturers.

Consumer Research
Cutting-edge Engineering
Seamless Global Integration
Excellence in Design

Automotive interior materials.

With Powerstar Automotive Interiors, you'll get the same quality products, experienced people, outstanding service and technological know-how you'd expect,plus a new outlook, new options and a fresh commitment to being a truly global organization, servicing customers in every hemisphere and every Time zone.

PP Honeycomb Board

The PP honeycomb panel is divided into three layers. The upper and lower are two thinner panels, and the middle is a layer of relatively thick honeycomb core material. Toxic and environmentally friendly, shock absorption and cold resistance, sound insulation and heat preservation, moisture and heat insulation It is widely used in interior parts such as trunk cover, trunk partition, trunk carpet substrate, side wall decoration panel, ceiling and other interior parts of middle and high-end passenger cars. The maximum width is 1.5M and the length is unlimited.

PP Wood

1. low Thermal Conductivity: T hermal insulation performance is great, and It is the best thermalinsulation material
2. Easily installed and serviced, short construction period with good price advantage
3. Beautiful, efficient, and Environmental protection, It's a new type of energy-saving plates
4. Fireproof, waterproof heat preservation, Weight capacity, wide range of temperature to application.

EPP materials

Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) is a high performance polypropylene/CO 2 composite with excellent properties. EPP has become the fastest growing environmentally friendly new pressure resistant cushioning material due to its unique and superior performance. EPP products have excellent shock absorption performance, high recovery after deformation, good heat resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance and heat insulation. In addition, its light weight can greatly reduce the weight of products. EPP is a green material that can be recycled and reused without causing white pollution.

Recent Works

We have a lot of projects coming up.Our products are exported all over the world.For example, there are uzbekistan, Egypt, Germany, Canada and so on.No matter how busy we are, we will guarantee the quality and service.

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